Refurbished Tono-Pens

The Tono-Pen XL is the gold standard for handheld tonometry, for over 30 years. iKiSS is the #1 Provider of “Like New” refurbished Tono-Pens, saving clients up to 40% over new! They represent outstanding value!

Our Tono-Pen XL’s are expertly refurbished by on-site professionals to look and function like new! Our refurbished Tono-Pen XL’s have up to an 18 Month Warranty which exceeds a new Tono-Pen. Each instrument is tested to insure that all calibration and reading accuracy match the quality and functionality of a new Tono-Pen.

The device was invented over 30 yrs ago and the specific manufacturer name and price point represent what time period the device was made.

We stand behind and service all our devices. Your satisfaction is Guaranteed!

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