Slit Lamps - Phoropters

iKiSS is the leader in providing professionally refurbished Slit Lamps and Phoropters in “Like New” condition, saving clients up to 40%! We have the Best Warranty in the industry and over 25 years’ experience! Clients rave about the craftsmanship, performance and tremendous value!

We specialize in the Haag-Streit BM900 Slit Lamp and Reichert/AO Phoropter complete with a 1 Year Warranty. BQ900’s and brands Topcon and Marco may be available upon request. Our Haag-Streit BM900 and BQ900 are extremely popular and inventory is fluid. Please contact us regarding shipping and the number of devices available.

All our Slit Lamps and Phoropters are expertly refurbished by on-site professionals. All parts are completely disassembled, serviced, cleaned and lubricated to check all functions. Our devices represent tremendous quality and savings!

All devices come with a 1 Year Warranty plus Free Shipping.

To arrange International Shipping please email iKiSS at